Summer is murdering everything

At Papa Ceos, summer is probably the worst time ever. It’s the season everyone here dreads. We literally bake with the pizzas. My favourite activity during this season is sitting in the walk-in fridge and crying. Last year we tried solving our HVAC problem but every technician who came in said that it was a lost cause. Technicians of every stripe actually love giving up on our place. It’s sort of a running joke around here. Electrical problems? “Just demolish the building, it’d be easier”. Fixing the ventilating in the kitchen? “Just demolish the building and redesign, it’d be easier” Tips on interior design? “Just demolish the building and move, it’d be easier. The design of our storefront, plus the age of building makes the situation pretty complicated. Fun fact: our building is super old, at least 50 - 70 years old and falling apart, you can probably tell if you came in.

Anyway, with the heat, came the destruction, last week, most of our equipment decided to call it quits - our oven, AC, fridge and outside signage. I guess they couldn’t take the heat and wanted to die. Luckily for us though, we have this HVAC guy who comes on-call to solve our emergencies - bless your soul, Neil.

Stupid summer.



Matt ChungPapa Ceo