The Irish are back

June is one of my favourite months at Papa Ceos. The weather gets nicer, the sun lasts significantly longer, and to add to that, our favourite internationals are back - the Irish.

Every summer since we took over the shop, a group of Irish guys and gals have been swinging by around this time. Apparently there are roughly 30-40 of them and they come to Toronto to work and hang for their break.

They’re a fascinating and nice bunch, every time they come in, the store becomes more colourful. They always bring with them random stories, either about their night or about good ol’ Ireland, which is nice, keeps the 1:00-4:30am part of the shift more interesting.

One thing I learned from them, related to pizza, is that they love sweet corn on pizza. It’s a thing there, weird or nah? I tried it the other day and it’s pretty good...

In honour of the Irish return, we’ve put sweet corn on our menu.

Sweet corn, bacon and leek?

Sweet corn, bacon and leek?