Game 6 Pt.2

It was quieter than the previous game night, says my guys. Everyone who came in thought we were going to game 7 for sure. It was a close game between the Raptors and Golden State the whole time

We were getting our typical orders, quite busy but not something we couldn’t handle. The scene in our restaurant was very intimate, aka, not many people watching.

Fourth quarter comes around and the Raptors end up winning. That’s when the city really blew up. Everyone outside was honking, yelling from their apartment buildings, people running down the street. It was an interesting sight. This lasted most of the night.

The store ended up being completely dead for at least an hour after the win. We were like, ok, I guess this is it. Then it just went insane during the late end of the night. Orders flooding in, people walking in. The onslaught finally ended and we were relieved. But as soon as we were going to close up shop around 2:30am, that’s when the real storm began. People kept coming through the door, I’m assuming people headed home from the party at Yonge. Every pizza on the showcase disappeared as soon as it came out, our 1 oven couldn’t keep up, so a line formed. This lasted until around 4:30-5. Endless.

Thanks to our amazing team for pulling through it even after closing, also to the people who came in to buy our pizza - you the real mvps. Big congrats on the historic win as well, Raptors!

Bam-bam enjoys the victory with friends

Bam-bam enjoys the victory with friends