Established in 1984, Papa Ceo, pronounced “Papa Chey-o” is a hole in the wall, family/friend-run pizzeria serving one of the best thin crust pizzas in Toronto.

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The Beginning

1950s - 1980s

Okay, so the story goes like this. There’s a guy named Tony, he immigrates to Toronto all the way from Sicily, bringing all of his recipes and secrets with him.

He comes out of nowhere and opens quite a few pizza restaurants with different family members.

Fun fact: some of those pizzerias still exist today.

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Papa Ceo

1980s - 2017

Then one day, he has a falling out with one of his partners, his brother-in-law, and poof, Papa Ceo is born. Yes, Papa was born out of hatred and vendetta, but aren’t all great things?

The family members duke it out for decades trying to one up each other with the best pizza.

What happened next? Well, time passed by and like normal humans, they grew old, set aside their differences and retired.



The New Era

2017 - Present

The story doesn’t end there though, as Tony entered retirement, master Tai came along. With over 27 years of pizza making experience, Master Tai, this Vietnamese refugee, was ready to take the reins of the beast. Coincidentally, he apprenticed under Tony’s rival for over 20 years, but that’s a totally different story.

Anyway, alongside his family and friends, They took over Papa Ceos, united and tweaked both Tony and the brother-in-laws recipe and added their own twist to it - bringing in the new era of pizza at Papa Ceo.

From immigrant to immigrant, family to family, Papa Ceo continues to lead it’s legacy as a pretty decent, if not great, pizza place.

Come try our pizza.

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