Established in 1984, Papa Ceo, prounounced “Chey-o” is a sketchy looking family-run pizzeria serving one of the best thin crust pizzas in Toronto.



The Beginning


As a young child in Italy, Tony was introduced to the world of pizza making. Fascinated by the simple beauty of the art, he began to hone his skills by learning from the wise pizzaiolo masters in Sicily. After years of Perfecting the art of the dough and sauce, he decided to immigrate to Canada with his family.

Flash forward to 1984, Tony decided to open up his own pizzeria on the little corner of Harbord and Spadina in Toronto. The reason behind this move was because he wasn’t feeling the pizza scene in Toronto - No place had that authentic home taste he was looking for, the taste the world needed. He named it Papa Ceo.

Rumor has it, Papa Ceo is actually the God of pizza who came to Tony one night in a vision and blessed him with the skills and recipes to make the true authentic pizza.

After decades of making great pizza, hard work and winning over and inspiring a cult following. Tony had to retire.

During this dark period, the real questions began to sink in, who would continue the Papa Ceo legacy? Who would spread the good word of Papa Ceo to the masses? Was this the end?



The Dark Age


Papa Ceo was thrown into turmoil as Tony stepped back and new rotations of inexperienced owners scrambled and failed to contain the beast. Everything went downhill behind the scenes during this period.



A New Era


Chef Sakamoto implored chef Fukui to share her methods. She said that she would only teach him the basics if he promised to bring the art of ramen abroad. He brought the proposition to his family, and his mother immediately urged him to go to Hong Kong.

The next week, Chef Sakamoto flew to the “Pearl City” and discovered that he felt more at home than ever. He knew that he could meld the umami flavors and smoky scents of Cantonese cuisine with the richness and nuances of ramen. He went back to Tokyo to learn from Chef Fukui, and with her blessing, returned to Hong Kong seven years later.